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 said:. "Tell your doctor, do not waste my needle drugs, and you have done to the responsibility, thank you."May 19, she gave the children wrote a letter overseas, which show the effect of the transformation of the party and the government on this particular character:All children with reading:I'm sick of this month on the 2nd Mongolian People's Revolutionary Government into the hospital under the humanitarian treatment of Chinese and Western medicine consultation prescription now, the condition is more serious. Farewell event of misfortune and all children, all children look forward to an early return to the motherland to work harder to repay government nike air max 90 sale rescue of the people I have profound kindness. Wu Si Do not read, because you have reached the thirties and so far, unfortunately, were unable to witness the motherland into a socialist society.Extended to June 17, Chen Bijun treatment failed died. As she did not immediate family in Shanghai, the body cremated by a distant relative convergence, the ashes sent to Hong Kong.As "China 'Schindler'," the national government diplomats Fengshan, who has thousands of Jews visa, freeing them from Hitler's butchers, post-war reputation loud. But perhaps many people do not know that there was a man who had made more than 12,000 Jews from Fascist trampled - he is the king for her husband. Puppet diplomat husband was king for twice the German fascist leader Adolf Hitler party, been subjected to the Qing Emperor Johnson, Manchukuo emperor Pu Yi met, face seen KMT officials kuo ......Years ago, I was in a chance interview, b

 others to know: There is a 90-year-olds, speaks four foreign languages, often teach students a foreign language, do not charge a penny, those who give him money, he would like insulted like. He is the king for her husband.After a contact, I finally found the king lived in Harbin Lo Street home for the elderly husband's home. This is a common despicably common Banjiu residential buildings. Wang managed to knock on the door, and came to open the door loudly answer for the husband is the king of the old man, met said: "I am a little ears back ......"I saw the old tough physique, your voice loud, lanky figure, still backs straight, really do not see the age of 90. As has been communicating by phone, no more pleasantries, the old man forever open to talking.Accidentally, Japanese dnike air max 95 sale iplomats students become ManchukuoIn 1911, Wang Yongji County, Jilin Province for the husband was born in Montenegro Tsz mouth, from an early age showed a high foreign talent, when doing business with his father to Harbin in elementary school, English has been able to seize the old tobacco factory Pakistani Britons session , and in junior high school and later learned Russian, admitted after the Harbin Institute of Technology, has been far ahead of his English performance. Because math is not very good, then he switched to Thammasat University, began studying Japanese and German.In 1932, he graduated, are catching up with the second year of the "September 18" Incident, the Japanese aggressors occupied Shenyang,

 Changchun and Jilin, Harbin advance toward the Japanese aggressive. General Ma Chan-shan in Qiqihar raised the banner of anti-Japanese, fired shots against the Japanese invaders. The whole country appeared a raging tide of anti-Japanese, the people of the Northeast is excited, various "anti-Japan Alliance" organization in full swing up. Wang for passionate young husband together with Thammasat University, Harbin, took to the streets, campaigned, anti-Japanese propaganda, as Ma Zhanshan soldiers donations.This time is November, cold, nike air max 2013 cheap people are concerned about the cold Japanese soldiers, only a few days time to raise tens of thousands of pieces of clothing, more than 10,000 pieces is the ocean. We send on behalf of the king on behalf of her husband and other people, take the train to Qiqihar anti-Japanese front.After a night of hard work, Wang and other student-centered husband for representatives admitted Qiqihar Longjiang Hotel. That 9:00, Ma Zhanshan generals came, he was a military uniform, head is not high, mustache, shaved head. Harbin face folks, Ma Zhanshan general excitement, he said fervently:! "Thank academic representatives Harbin, thanks to the kindness of folks, national crisis, patriotism is the duty of a soldier idea that day, temporary use of troops, a soldier funk shame! We must serve the

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the first phase of the Whampoa Military Academy students take charge Ma Li Wu This division after a very short period becomes Tang Enbo own army. "Of course, Tang Enbo only one speaking on behalf of factions. Chiang's cronies are in accordance with Jiang Tang Enbo naturally meant to do. Discrimination, exploitation and combating natural causes dissatisfaction. After the war the civil war, armies against, even under  take care of her daily life. Chen Bijun 5 thermos with  to thwart the fall You say my point, right "Said to mention applications, but speak Chiang Kai-shek. Discipline cadres moment of puzzle Chen Bijun unknown what the had exhausted the strength to pull me, then I almost forgot they were prisoners, because they are almost put me hold up. "At 07:37 on August 21, 2009 China News Total Comments 0Convinced review thanks also asked to accept the transformation of penal farmIdeological education and prison reform policy combining humane treatment, began to let Chen Bijun admire nike air max 1 sale  from the bottom of my heart. She not only obey the discipline of the past has always refused to recognize the traitor crime, but also began to recognize, of course, is not complete. She has repeatedly in the "thought report", said the review, to thank and praise the Communist Party, are extracted after paragraphs:- I live in the hospital, they gave me the patience to take care of. Through their education, to understand that only the Communist Party can ever truly humanitarian open prison hospital; also made me understand people's government to get the trust and support of the people, because the staff quality sake.- The root of my mistakes and sins of the dominant ideology is: selfish, impatient, do not know their identity, do not reflect that he is guilty of a felony, endangering people's prisoners. Within three months after I remove the root causes of certain gradually correct these evil dominated his thoughts.- People's Government of the humanitarian reform prison inmates under the leadership of the

Communist Party, I was stipendiary heavy one. I am very sorry the people's government, then I put the time to reflect on the past, understand the present, look to the future, to transform themselves, so that they can soon re-life, and strive to participate in the second, third five-year plan of the building.Chen Bijun ourselves a "Liberation Daily", saying that "measures of learning theory and understanding of the people's government" as she also studied the writings of Mao Zedong, and very hard. Look at its July 1955 talking about their own history asics gel kayano 18 chea and ideas to explain the material changes in writing:I borrowed "on the people's democratic dictatorship," a text, I read eight times, not enough to back to people, I put it down to copy, day watch, read it again and again, to understand why the victory of the Communist Party, the Kuomintang Why perish , is a historical iron-clad rule.Another thing that touches discipline cadres unexpected, may also explain Chen Bijun 'efforts to transform their "desire.That was the day when the noon dinner, Chen Bijun Duanqifanwan just see through the discipline of cadres, he Hanzhu said: " , I have written a report on the application to participate in the farm labor, why not see batch down."After 1954, for the prisoners through labor reform ideas, organize them to participate in whatever

 prison manual, and some sent to the labor camp in northern Jiangsu. The fall of the second year, Chen Bijun submitted a written report, required to go to northern Jiangsu, the impassioned described in a few words: I can not can not reform through labor, the opportunity to serve the people and to facilitate the return of the revolutionary camp.Prison because Chen Bijun suffering from various diseases, and advanced age, did not consider her request. Discipline cadres moment to convey the views of the leadership of the prison, said:. "You get older, the body is not very good, according to the doctor, can not participate in physical labor.""Upstream, ancient Ming Xun. Someone competent, why can not I  You let me go I'll hunger, starvation forget!" She made travel with, reall  asics gel noosa tri 6 cheap y put aside their jobs."We want to be responsible for your health, I hope you understand that, with our work." Discipline cadres is not angry, carefully enlighten.Say for a while, the food has been cold, discipline cadres end to the kitchen, re-heat after a good end to her hand: "eat fast, to keep a healthy body, and sturdy, and will consider your request."Chen Bijun were moved, broken color to laugh:. "I'm afraid you and Yan gentle speaking the truth, it seems that you do is to take good care of my body."May 2, 1959, Chen Bijun readmitted, doctors diag

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boiling water daily requirements, but also to be met.On the eve of the liberation of Suzhou, the KMT prison conditions deteriorate day, Chen Bijun even have enough to eat, ill also in limbo, now treated humanely in communist prisons, this is Chen Bijun never dreamed of. She could not help but secretly with room for female leadership arrangement, each person must write prisoners, left out.""Oh, I've been sick, and after all those years, where I remember it  Avoid the bar.""This certainly can not quibble." Discipline cadres emphatic words, "There must be clear to all crimes truthful account, not conceal."Chen Bijun eyes over the pages: "I have nothing but the nike air max tn mens  winner takes offense, I have only one loser for Kou revolutionary history .!" In the discipline cadres repeatedly persuaded urging, Chen Bijun finally start writing it.Between August, Chen Bijun finished the ocean more than 20,000 words of "confessions" from the title to the subtitle to the content, only the table function, with no offense. Among 15,000 words in length, talking about their history of revolution, such as joining the alliance, for the revolution donor family wealth, assassinate high officials clearedprotect the country participated in the struggle against Yuan assist the restructuring sen to reorganize the Kuomintang government and so on.After discipline cadres seen her "confession", pointed out: "You pre-revolutionary active, we do not deny, but briefly take over on it, focus on reviewing the crime.""I wrote has no Jane, Jane, to simple, all omitted

altogether." Chen Bijun menacing, "I have told you, I only have a revolutionary history, no offense to write!""What do you attitude " Li Yan discipline cadres could not rap, "You betrayed the nation, to serve the Japanese invaders, not guilty plead guilty "Chen Bijun arrested since the Rams from Guangzhou to Nanjing to Suzhou, a few years has been the "first lady" itself, even the KMT's detention center are long revered her as "Ms. Wang", think today was reprimanded by Communist guards, big self-esteem setback, immediately attack them: "Well, you curse the Communist Party, I would sue your superiors!"Sure enough, she submitted a complaint letter to the prison, nike air max thea uk since then, called the discipline cadres to "curse the guards." Something told her to ignore it, but also to new prisoners coming in, "Description":. "This is the curse guarded very, very fierce, and you should be careful."Faith moves started to change, but also "test" discipline cadresOne morning while getting dressed, Chen Bijun feel chest tightness, shortness of breath, dizziness, lightheadedness, unable to move, with room for female prisoners Mangqu report.She was taken to the prison hospital. The inspection found arrhythmia, high blood pressure, busy acupuncture medicine and rescue facilities. After out of the woods, stay in hospital for further observation and treatment, after two weeks, just discharged back to prison.However, when more than a month, Chen Bijun because of high blood pressure plus internal hemorrhoids

 admitted to the hospital, the first blood pressure was stable, after doing surgery. This live, live for nearly seven months.Chen Bijun two hospitalizations are the "curse caretaker" lift her go, busy preparing for her before and after handling the inpatient admission, until put her onto the bed; another is that the "curse guards," she subscribed to the daily "Liberation Daily", punctual ward turn handed her hands; still the "curse caretaker", often leaning former deathbed, asking about her condition and care in every possible way. Chen Bijunike air max 2013 womens the "heart of stone" has touched on the "curse caretaker" attitude changed, when they meet honorific "Sir", say "hello." Of course, this change, in addition to heartfelt gratitude, but also other intentions. Chen Bijun discharged after about a half, discipline cadres to visit her, she respectfully handed him a piece of paper: "Sir, this is the report I thought she wrote this morning, please find me there is an application, first made orally, OK. it  ""Well, as long as the proposal are reasonable, it can be considered." Discipline cadres words can retreat."Chiang everything are bad, lost all popular support, so retreating to Taiwan

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